It is fantastic that you would like to make a donation for our cause. We are extremely grateful. Your money will be spent on cloth and other materials needed to make the desperately needed gowns. We are all volunteers. Please check out our photo page for inspiration. Costs for bought materials and shipping are 15 euros. We greatly appreciate any higher donation so we can also supply gowns to the care workers who can not afford this. The work and organisation we do as volunteers. 

We know (hope) that this is a temporary initiative. Any money that is left over will be donated to a charity of our choice.


Please note. This is (temporary) Good Will project. When you make your donation it will be placed on the bank account number of FATJO. This is the account of our treasurer, Joanne Keitch. We can guarantee that all donations will be given 100% to Sewing Heroes. Thank you for your kind donation.


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