How to sew a gown for our heroes

Materials for one gown:
2,5 m fabric 100% Cotton, 1,5 m width
90 cm twill tape for long tape
45 cm twill tape for short tape
2 x 22 cm sleeve elastic

Please note that the material must be “no stretch”.


1. Close shoulderseams

2. Stitch sleeve on apron (from mark to mark)

3. Close the side seam from 1 point at armpit

4. Close the seam of sleeve starting from the same point at armpitĀ 

5. Finish the side seam and sleeve seam

6. Finish the sleeve inset

7. Finish neckline: pin a tape at front from shoulder to shoulders. Then pin a rolled hem from mid-back to mid-back. Stitch in 1 run.

8. Finish the slit in the left side seam.

9. Finish the hem with a rolled seam (width 3-4cm)

10. Stitch vertical center back part.

11. Pin longest tape at part that goes beneath. Pin the shortest tape at other part.

12. Stitch them both on and stitch through

13. Stitch a chunnel

14. Put elastic in

15. Devide the fabric evenly