Meet the team

“I could not stand the fact that care workers were using bin liners to protect themselves. So I started sewing”

Fabienne Hansoul

Lingerie designer and founder of the Sewing Heroes

Fabienne Hansoul

-Lingerie Designer, Sewing Heroes founder and passionate seamstress

I am Fabienne Hansoul, a Belgian designer living in Rotterdam. I started my own lingerie brand in 2007, called “Fabienne Hansoul Création”.

For me it us important to keep an eye on each other, in all circumstances. So when I got a phonecall from a doctor asking me whether I could help with a solution for the lack of aprons to see Corona patients, I didn’t hesitate. In a few days me and a team of marvellous people managed to deliver 20 gowns! 

I am glad I can help within my skills and profession to fight this crisis!

Instagram: fabiennehansoul_lingerie, FabienneHansoul_l’Artiste

Marjolein Peeters-Leenen

-Event Manager Gemeente Rotterdam, Sewing Heroes co-founder and passionate seamstress

Hi, my name is Marjolein Peeters-Leenen and I live in urban Rotterdam, the Netherlands, with my husband and three teenagers.

I am helping Sewing Heroes to organize this volunteer initiative to reach and help as many people as possible who are working in the care sector. I want to participate and to help protect our care workers by sewing gowns. 

In my daily job I am Eventmanager at the Municipality of Rotterdam. Would you like to know more about me?  Look me up at LinkedIn with the link above. I will be happy to connect with you!

Aldo de Jong

-Independent consultant, hero tailor and pattern maker

My name is Aldo de Jong. I live in Rotterdam and am, in daily life as an independent consultant, involved in developing and sharing knowledge about construction technology, building regulations and fire safety.

I am also involved in drawing clothing patterns and sewing clothes.

In the Corona Crisis, I was asked to think about perfecting a simple design for sewing washable aprons to protect care givers from Corona virus contamination. Since then I have been closely involved in the initiative and have made fabric molds from hardboard and have now, with the help of wife and daughter, produced various aprons, between my daily work activities which also continue to run. I am happy that I can make a meaningful contribution with this.

Pepa van Asperen

Designer at PEPAVANA bags, hats & gaiters and passionate seamstress.

I did not hesitate a second when they asked me to join ‘Sewing Heroes.’

Besides the fact that I can sew, I love to share creative ideas, and I believe in giving.

My name is Pepa van Asperen, born and bred in Rotterdam from a shipping heritage. I live with 2 kids, my husband and my dog.

Sometimes I can be pretty stubborn, just like our fox terrier, but in times of need, like now, that can be pretty handy.

With my slow fashion brand Pepavana, I want to make a difference in this world, not only in personal appearance but also by creating sustainable accessories. To avoid waste, I produce only on demand.

I pass on my vision to others by teaching old school crafts and recycling skills, at such as at Airbnb Experiences. I take on commissioned assignments from other designers, private persons, and cultural institutions.

Do you want to know more about it? Check my website.

You can find pepavana on all social media; let us connect and do good<3

Joanne Keitch

-Webdesigner and builder, Sewing Heroes campaign manager, website builder and treasurer

I am Joanne Keitch. I do everything with the web. I support local shops and build a site for others. I have customers who range from lawyers to fashion designers to ex football players.

When I saw Fabienne’s post on Facebook I thought it was so fantastic and I threw my hands in the air. How can I help? I cannot sew (that is for sure but……) I can make websites. I know how social media works. I know how to support you. And so was the deal sealed. No turning back.

It is so beautiful to work with these people. We laugh, we are tired. But the motivation to carry on is unbelievable. I love each and everyone of these guys!

Let’s go for it!