For Those in Need

A beautiful initiative to help everyone caring to keep on caring 

Henk Hoogervorst

General Practitioner, chairman LHV Kring Rotterdam

We are here to provide the needed gowns for care workers. We do that happily for you.

If you are working in the care sector and need protective clothing then please contact us at We can make one gown for you or more for your community, just ask.

In order to keep up on our costs we ask a donation of 25 euro per gown. This is of course a good will donation and is not mandatory. You can make this donation here below.

Costs for bought materials and shipping are 15 euros. We greatly appreciate  a somewhat higher donation so we can also supply gowns to the care workers who can not afford this. The work and organisation we do as volunteers. 

We know (hope) that this is a temporary iniative. Any money that is left over will be donated to a charity of our choice.

 Thank you so much for supporting us


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